Why Affiliates Need To Consider Facebook Ads

While Facebook is apparently slowing it’s growth in the United States with close to 700,000,000 members that is a significant enough market place that you should not be missing out on particularly when it’s average CPC rates are so much lower than Google AdWords or Microsoft AdCentre and it offers far more refined targeted.  A well set-up Facebook Ad campaign will allow you to cost effectively grow your perfect target audience which is most relevant to you and your business goals but also allows you to focus only on those who will end up converting.

Why you should consider allowing Facebook?
If you are allowing your affiliates to run Facebook ads or are looking to run them on behalf of the client as a super affiliate you need to look at Facebook’s new feature “Account Groups”, it offers much of the parent child control you need if you want to keep everything above board. Facebook Account Groups operates similar to your AdWords MCC account and allows you to aggregate Facebook Ad accounts for multiple affiliates/advertisers in a single interface. The main feature you will find relevant is that it allows you to have control over your advertising to ensure it stays within your guidelines and doesn’t jeopardize your relationship with the advertiser.

How to manage Facebook Ads by Groups
You can name the groups based on the types of advertisers that will be in the account such as advertisers or publishers and you can enter their account ID to add their account. Once you have added them to your group you are able to drill into their account and can see all the campaigns they are running.

Facebook Ad Groups

User permissions for Facebook Ad Groups

Once you have correctly structured your Facebook groups it’s best to understand the impact of granting permissions on the account as Admin level maybe a bit too wide reaching as most tasks and features you will need can be performed as a general user.

  1. Administrator – admin access to every account within the account group, can grant other
    users access, create/manage/report ads, view/edit funding instruments.
  2. General User – Can create/manage/report ads. Cannot add anyone else to a group, cannot access
    any funding instruments on any account
  3. Reports Only – Can only see the reports tab on accounts within group

Warning! don’t try and do anything dumb like remove yourself as an Administrator if you are the only one on the Group as you will not be able to add other users or delete the group.

Facebook Creative Library helps management

A number of affiliate managers or advertisers don’t allow their affiliates to run across paid networks because of the hassle in controlling and staying on top of what is happening on a daily basis.  But they might not know about one of the most underused features of the Facebook Ad platform, which is the “creative library” which is a record of all current, past and even deleted ads.  Once you have linked into your affiliates account you can quickly and easily view any images and ad messages that are being used and ensure they comply with your affiliate marketing programs.   The point I love is that you can view by campaign name or search via keyword to check they aren’t being sneaky and placing restricted or brand terms in the Ad copy and hiding it in another non-related campaign even if they delete it you can still find it.

Search Facebook ads for Brand Terms

Grow your affiliates via targeted ads
One of the biggest benefits of Facebook Ads is that you can use them to run targeted recruitment campaigns based on the countries, genders or age groups that have typically performed best in the past or those your advertiser wants onboard. For this to be effective you need to have a close relationship with your advertisers who are often able to provide details on demographic or geographic data on what converts well or where they want to grow their business.

You can easily target their likes or interests for your current advertisers or chase after possible affiliates that maybe using other affiliate networks., obviously the larger the geographic location the more specific you can be in targeting and the greater the estimated reach. It’s possibly playing a bit dirty targeting people based on their preference to a competing affiliate network or product but all is fair in love and marketing.

Those who like ClickBank (target their affiliates)
4,860 people in the USA
980 people in the UK
540 people in Australia

Those who like Affiliate Marketing (target potential publishers)
390 people in the USA
740 people in the UK
280 people in Australia

Those who like WordPress (target potential buyers of paid themes)
56,980 people in the USA
9,340 people in the UK
3,640 people in Australia

Drive Fanpage numbers or Signups?
If you have a decent signup or landing page that converts well you can use this but typically clicks away from Facebook are more expensive per click and you don’t get Facebook analytics on what is converting.  I’m a strong “fan” of driving people to a specific product or service Facebook page and grow your audience that you can continue to engage with overtime even if they are not ready to purchase or signup just yet. You can also offer a splash landing page that encourages fans to signup to your email newsletter before becoming a fan or drop by my page to learn more about me.

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