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6 quick tips for a successful direct mail campaignThe post 6 Tips to Ensure Direct Mail Avoids Junk Mail appeared first on VerticalResponse Blog.
This post is about toothpaste. And about being different. And the wise words of two brilliant women. And Champagne. And how it all intertwines to create an essential piece of advice for how to get your podcast (or any other piece of online content for that matter) noticed, consumed, beloved … and never replaced. Let’s
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In a bid to overhaul the comments system on YouTube, Google forced users to integrate with Google Plus. But now Google has reversed the decision.
Trying to create compelling, linkable content for an e-commerce site? Columnist Stephan Spencer has some great ideas to get you inspired!
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Social Media Tips For The Week

In a month or so Facebook will be changing their newsfeed and showing less and less of your marketing post. The way I see it is you have a month to get your current Facebook fans on to your mailing list. I will be running contest and doing other things that will increase the email list for the sites I am working with. I suggest you do the same.

Do you use Facebook ads to boost your business? Are you confused by the latest changes? Recent changes made to Facebook’s ad campaign structure can affect how you set up and test your ads. In this article you’ll discover how to set up a Facebook ad campaign in the new structure.

The biggest change is that budget, schedule, bidding, targeting and placement of your ads are all configured at the ad set level. Only the images, copy, call-to-action button and…

With a user base of one-third of the Internet-connected world, Facebook’s place as the largest social media platform remains unquestionable, but new research shows that the 10-year-old network is settling into slower growth mode.

In the last six months, Facebook grew more slowly than all the other major social networks, measured by either increases in members or active users, according to a report by Global Web Index.

Tumblr and Pinterest are the growth leaders,…

Can you fit a captivating story into a social media update, even one that’s 140 characters long?
Here’s the great news: There’s a formula for that. Many storytellers and copywriters have tested out the best intros and segues to draw readers to a piece of content. Their copywriting formulas just plain work–in blogpost intros, in social updates, in emails, and anywhere else you might happen to write online.
Here are 27 of the best ones I’ve heard. Give them a try and see…

Last year, internet advertising surpassed newspaper advertising spending for the first time. Advertisers spent $5.1 billion on social media advertising in 2013 and this figure is expected to exceed $14 billion by 2018. In the third quarter of 2014, Facebook brought in $2.96 billion in advertising revenue, 66 percent of which came from mobile ads. Twitter generated 85% of its total revenue from mobile advertising in the same quarter, representing about $320 million.

Still not…

Is it time to look at your social media from a fresh perspective? Are you ready to make some changes?

There are a variety of ways to improve how your business is seen on social media. In this article I’ll share 26 tips, an A-Z guide, to help breathe new life into your social media marketing.

Whenever people are on social media sites, they make snap decisions about whom to follow, what content to read and which content to share.

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This Week In Affiliate Marketing

Do you have a social media plan for the holidays?

Are you looking for ideas to improve your social media marketing over the holiday season?

Whether you sell a product or service, social media can help you engage with holiday shoppers and generate more sales.

In this article I’ll share resources for building a social media campaign this holiday season.

Chances are high your audience will be on social media during the holidays.

In addition, a recent…

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Out of the box, Google Analytics handles being deployed across multiple domains or subdomains extremely poorly. This is easily the most common critical problem in Google Analytics, despite its being relatively easy to fix.

Depending on your situation, one or more of a few simple steps may be appropriate. Look for the entry in the left-hand…

Welcome to our weekly edition of what’s hot in social media news. To help you stay up to date with social media, here are some of the news items that caught our attention.

Facebook Introduces Say Thanks: “An experience that lets you create personalized video cards for your friends on Facebook.”

Facebook Updates Terms and Policies: Facebook introduces “Privacy Basics, which gives you tips and a how-to guide for taking charge of your experience on Facebook.”…

Just over 18 months ago Google Chairman Eric Schmidt said he found having to talk to Google Glass out loud “the weirdest thing” and admitted that there would be “places where Google Glass are inappropriate.” Well, hello! I think the average person could have told Google this long before they spent millions developing the thing, and as I wrote at the time, the product was simply incapable of becoming a mass-market device. I predicted it would become this era’s Segway: hyped as a…
“Connect: 100 Mind-Blowing Strategies to Use Social Media and Drive Business Growth” by Michael Kawula gives from-the-trenches advice from dozens of social media practitioners who clearly know what they are talking about. It covers seven major social media platforms: Google+, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and YouTube.

It’s a book of tips contributed by many people. The tips are concise, and each tip stands alone. So it’s the kind of book you can pick…

When you use Google, you are making a deal. You get to use Gmail and search and YouTube and Google Maps for free and in exchange, you agree to share information about yourself. Google gets to sell that information to advertisers.

The more Google knows about you, the more it can match you to an advertiser who thinks you are an ideal customer. Advertisers are willing to pay more for ads served to ideal potential customers. For instance, airlines want to target people who love to…

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